Our mission is to simplify the event planning process for our clients to help them achieve their goals. We work in a collaborative environment with our clients to deliver on the purpose of the event while saving time and resources.

Whether it's a non-profit fundraiser, conference, corporate meeting or gala, you will find care taken at each phase of the event planning process to create a successful outcome. 


“Not only was the actual event successful…Your ability to anticipate and handle every detail was very impressive and we really appreciate how good you made us look” – Emily W.

“Little extra touches…were all value adds that I would not have thought of”. – George S.

“I can’t express how much …your attention to detail and organization has made this whole process so much easier”. – Allison S.

“An invaluable resource who worked tirelessly to help plan and coordinate all aspects of the event” – Dr. & Mrs. John


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