Since Events of Joy was created in 2005 we've developed and produced several events.  Our signature event is the Women in Business Summit (WIB Summit).  This event is a one day conference with a goal of educating, encouraging and inspiring women both professionally and personally.  Professional women gather from the New England area to attend workshops on topics relating to leadership development; money management; career advancement; personal development and entrepreneurship.  Learn more at  The event features top national speakers.  It is truly magical what happens when you get talented, motivated, positive, amazing women in one place!  The energy is amazing and we get to facilitate that experience. 

WIB Golf Outing:  Business deals are still made on the golf course and we wanted to create an opportunity for women to also have that advantage.   This event is primarily held in the summer and starts off with a luncheon speaker followed by a golf lesson for those learning the game and a round of golf for those who already play.  It's an opportunity to network with other female professionals and well as develop a skill that can be lead you to other successes. 

Become a Supporter:  We are always looking for support in promoting these events.  If you would like to become a financial or in-kind sponsor, please contact